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Secure My Wireless Booking Form FAQ

The main purpose of this form is to assist making arrangements to provide services for secuing your wireless network, it can also be used to help assess broadband options for your service as well, if required.

A report can be generated or other follow up contact in relation to the provided information and any related findings can be expected.

Important Privacy Information:

All information attained in the form will be used solely for the intended purpose of assessing product suitability from the range of products available via Affinity Vision Australia Pty Ltd and / or for servicing your reqest for services (such as, but not limited to securing wireless).
No information will be shared with any third party without express permission from the information submitter. NB: The information is not used for any purpose other than which is covered on this web page.

Is there any costs involved?

There is absolutely no costs or obligation on the provider of the information to pay any monies other than which may be agreed at a later time for goods or services supplied. If products and/or services are obtained as a result of the information attained through the enquiry process, then costs for these items will be clear and agreement terms to purchase same will be mutual without any surprises.

Why should I enter these details?

By entering as much detail as possible, it increases the likelihood of getting very good quality information as to the options available for you to consider, again without obligation. We have the product knowledge and skills in order to help you make an informed decision based on professional advice.

How much information is really necessary?

It is in your best interests to provide as much information as possible up front so as to ensure that a proper assessment can be made as soon as possible without requiring multiple additional contact in order to attain the necessary information. There is relevance for every question and leaving any unanswered could mean that the resultant assessment doesn't provide the best outcome and possibly not the right recommendation for your particular situation.

Who benefits if I decide to purchase products and / or services?

It is the intention of Affinity Vision Australia Pty Ltd that this will produce a WIN-WIN-WIN situation; that is a WIN for you as you get a suitable product choice for your requirements / needs, a WIN for us as we receive some kind income on services sold through us and the ISP / VSP also wins as they get futher customers

What monies are paid to whom for services / products?

All products are supplied by relevant parties as per agreed terms. You will pay for ISP services directly to the ISP for the actual Internet access product and they will be your service provider from whom you should normally seek support; although we can offer further support if required on agreed terms. The situation is the same for other products / services supplied by third parties such as Voice Service Provider(s) [VSP] for Voice over IP [VOIP] related services. If we supply goods and / or services to you directly, then you pay us for those goods and / or services -- see the next FAQ as well....

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Product Ordering Information

  • Products are available by sending a sales request with order details via email (click on links provided).
  • You will need to provide all relevant details in the email message that you send.
  • A Tax Invoice with payment and delivery options will be returned to you; please provide a delivery address.

Payment Options

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